CPL’s “Mother Hen” Jen, Plumbing Engineering Extraordinaire

In 10th grade, a career aptitude test determined that Jennifer Wengender, P.E. would make a great engineer.

The results resonated with her – she’d always harbored an interest in technical analyses and design, so she pursued a degree in mechanical engineering from SUNY Binghamton and eventually found her way to CPL in 1998.

Now a seasoned expert and one of CPL’s Senior Associates, Jennifer leads the entire plumbing and fire protection team. From designing natural and medical gas systems to ensuring all plans adhere to the standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), she draws valuable insight from more than two decades of experience to deliver sustainable solutions that promote health and safety for clients in a wide variety of market sectors, including high-visibility healthcareK-12 and higher education entities.

Jennifer attributes her longevity with the firm to CPL’s “flextime” policy. After her daughter was born in 2000, the strain of being a working mother of three propelled her to reach out to the leadership team, who immediately addressed her concerns. She’s worked a four-day week ever since, allowing her to maximize time with her family while producing powerful results for the firm.

Often referred to as a “mother hen,” Jennifer thoroughly enjoys mentoring junior team members and watching them develop both professionally and as human beings.

“I always try to keep everyone coordinated and supply them with whatever they need so that they can keep moving,” Jennifer said. “There are a lot of similarities between how I treat my teammates and how I treat my family.”

Outside of work, Jennifer can typically be found spending time with her children or quilting. She’s also a frequent volunteer at her church and utilizes her sewing skills to create incubator covers for Rochester General Hospital’s NICU, placemats for Meals On Wheels and hats and scarves for several local homeless shelters, underscoring her dedication to the community.

Jenny Hasbun works with the marketing team as an Internal Communications Specialist in the CPL Poughkeepsie office. She is primarily responsible for working with leadership, business partners and internal teams to write and edit content that establishes organizational messages and keeps team members informed of big-picture developments. She applies her exceptional writing skills toward developing and tactfully implementing communications strategies that inform, inspire and engage people across the organization and beyond.

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