BCS Leads to Transformative STEAM Classroom Additions

A Building Condition Survey isn’t just a mandate from the State Education Department. It’s an opportunity to plan and implement outstanding improvements in your District.

Enhance education, create more secure learning environments, and yield higher performing facilities; those were the underlying goals that Cuba-Rushford Central School District Superintendent, Carlos Gildemeister, communicated to CPL when we embarked on our journey working with the District. Our first step consisted of a comprehensive campus-wide study, as part of the District’s most recent Building Condition Survey.

Work included an intense evaluation of building systems, detailed studies to better understand where building and user functionality could be improved, in-depth safety audits of visitor entries, electrical panel infrared studies, and multiple building envelope assessments. The findings told a classic story of aging equipment and infrastructure, which meant it was time to take action before minor inconveniences became much bigger, more expensive hurdles.

As a “Destination District,” Cuba-Rushford had a variety of asset preservation and programmatic goals in mind, which CPL helped them achieve through a combination of large and small projects that were not only baked into a five-year strategy, but were also intentionally scalable to fit within a variety of project funding streams.

Key highlights included:

— New dynamic, flexibly designed classrooms for evolving STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) curriculum
— Expanded Special Education program to better serve student population
— New indoor walking track to promote wellness for students and the community
— Energy efficiency for annual cost savings

Learn more about Cuba-Rushford CSD’s STEAM Classroom Additions


Jason is a K-12 Principal with more than 20 years of experience in architectural design. From state-of-the-art STEAM learning centers to multi-million dollar educational master plans, his leadership has led many hallmark project teams to deliver creative and functional design solutions for our clients.

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