Architects Hustle with Design Changes

Few, if any, buildings need massive Covid-19 pandemic-related adjustments. Educational buildings, offices, retail and restaurant outlets are absolutes. So are sports arenas and entertainment venues. But there are plenty of minor projects.

Architects are fielding calls from developers and building owners about what modifications are needed as workers begin to make their way back into office settings.

Michael Mistriner, AIA, Vice President with CPL, said clients are worried about a timeline if there’s another spike in cases, as well as whether architectural changes are to be made for the short term (less than one year) or longer. Mistriner calls it an “unprecedented time” in architecture. “Our role is to play, at least in part, a trusted adviser for our clients,” Mistriner said. “Covid changes are not gimmicky things. You have to understand this is a difficult time for everyone.”

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