Clark Patterson Lee | Blog Clark Patterson Lee Blog en Copyright 2018 2018-08-18T23:20:14-04:00 <![CDATA[BUZZ: CPL Helps Bring Laughter to Life at National Comedy Center]]> From old sitcom clips to a hologram theater to comedy karaoke, the world’s only comedic museum/display center celebrates comedy as art. Kevin Oklobzija sheds light on the National Comedy Center's design and overall impact on the community in the Rochester Business Journal (RBJ).

<![CDATA[BUZZ: The Stars Have Left Jamestown. What's Next For the National Comedy Center?]]> The hyper buzz on the new National Comedy Center continues! Click here to read more great coverage written by Tim O'Shei at The Buffalo News.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL Acquires Engineering Firm Morris Associates]]> Contact: Vince Press
Director of Marketing & Communications

Poughkeepsie & Hudson, NY – Thursday, August 2, 2018 - Architecture, engineering and planning firm, CPL, has expanded its footprint in the Hudson Valley with the acquisition of Morris Associates Engineering & Surveying Consultants, P.L.L.C.

Morris Associates’ Principals, Raymond Jurkowski, P.E. and Peter Setaro, P.E., along with their team of 31 design professionals, will join CPL September 4, 2018. Morris Associates, Poughkeepsie’s largest municipal engineering firm, was established in 1970 as a municipal engineering, planning and surveying firm, and serves clients primarily in the Hudson Valley. With the new Poughkeepsie and Hudson locations, CPL becomes a 390-person, full-service design firm with 15 offices including Rochester, NY; Buffalo, NY; Albany, NY; Jamestown, NY; Olean, NY; Newburgh, NY; Binghamton, NY; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC, Greensboro, NC; Greenville, SC; Suwanee, GA and Woodstock, GA.

The two firms’ service offerings are complementary with award winning project portfolios. CPL and Morris have both been leaders in municipal, infrastructure and site design, and will now combine forces to continue serving clients in each firm’s overlapping markets - from the Adirondacks to Westchester County. Morris Associates’ clients will benefit from deepened bench strength and expanded design expertise including transportation engineering, architecture, civil/municipal engineering, landscape architecture and survey services. The Morris and CPL teams will immediately be integrated into ongoing project work within mutual markets.

Several of CPL’s notable Upstate / WNY projects include the design of the new $260 million Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care addition for the Rochester Regional Health System (Rochester, NY); the $57 million Seneca Park Zoo Expansion (Rochester, NY); and the new $50 million National Comedy Center (Jamestown, NY). In the Hudson Valley region, CPL’s most prominent work includes the $80 million renovation/expansion of the Orange County Government Center (Goshen, NY); the City of Kingston Washington Avenue Sewer project; the Newburgh Enlarged City School District-wide renovations and new CTE (Career, Technology & Education) High School Building; Spackenkill Union Free School District-wide renovations and new turf field & stadium; and the Town of New Windsor – Replacement of Lake Road Bridge over Metro-North Railroad.

Morris Associates’ notable regional projects include Columbia County Sewer District #1- Commerce Center interconnection; Town of Greenport Water District Improvements Phase 3A Watermain replacement; Town of Poughkeepsie - Arlington Sewer Treatment Facility upgrades/reconstruction, Town of Lloyd - Highland Water District Treatment Facility Improvements: Dutchess County Law Enforcement Center and Justice and Transition Center, Daley Farms 137 lot residential development Town of Lagrange. It is anticipated that the Poughkeepsie office will grow by ~15% over the next 18 months dependent on backlog and new business initiatives.


“Not only do our two firms complement each other in terms of practice disciplines, but there are also amazing synergies in company culture and values - with a focus on work-life balance, client success and community involvement. We recognized the fit from the very beginning.”- Todd Liebert, AIA, NCARB, Chief Executive Officer; CPL

“We take a thoughtful approach to our strategic acquisitions. We focus a lot of energy on our talent recruitment, our client-centered care and maintaining a fun, productive company culture. We warmly welcome the Morris Associates team and clients to the family.” Rick Henry, P.E., Senior Vice President; CPL

“We look forward to continuing, and in many cases enhancing, our work and involvement in the Poughkeepsie and Hudson communities; while also bringing additional resources to our clients throughout the Hudson Valley.”- Peter Setaro, P.E., Partner: Morris Associates

“We view this as a great opportunity for both our employees and clients alike. Individually, both Morris Associates and CPL already have strong reputations and portfolios in the Hudson Valley, so combining forces in the region makes a great deal of business sense.” – Ray Jurkowski, P.E., Partner; Morris Associates

“The merging of CPL and Morris Associates with 90 years of comprehensive design work, along with their combined resources and growth potential provides exciting opportunities for Poughkeepsie and the entire Hudson Valley region.” – Mayor Robert Rolison, City of Poughkeepsie

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 390-person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 15 cities across 4 states. CPL specializes in the Healthcare, Transportation, Municipal and Academic sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: National Comedy Center Set To Open During Lucille Ball Fest]]> Q: How often is a design firm’s work published in Variety magazine?

A: Almost never. Unless it’s the one-of-a-kind National Comedy Center!

Coinciding with this year’s 27th annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, named after its most famous native, the National Comedy Center is set to open in Jamestown, N.Y. The festival takes place August 1-5 with more than 50 events and 40 artists. Click here to read the full article written by Tripp Whetsell and featured in Variety.

<![CDATA[BLOG: CPL Thrill Seekers - Work Hard, Play Hard]]> CPL’s team members are known for their hard work, positive attitudes, and big ideas. They know how to push the envelope to find the greatest return. For some, this same determination translates into their life outside of work. Meet a few of CPL’s thrill seekers, who work hard and play hard.

Tim Knapp, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP is a Senior Vice President and Board member in CPL’s Charlotte office with a focus on healthcare architecture. And, he’s jumped out of an aircraft 653 times (and counting).

Knapp is a D-licensed skydiver, the highest level in amateur skydiving. Attached to nothing but his parachute, Knapp plummets headfirst toward the earth at 220 mph for a rush that’s unlike anything else.

But he wasn’t always so relaxed. Knapp’s first skydiving experience was with his youngest son, Alec, in 2013. Knapp promised he’d take Alec skydiving for his 18th birthday, and when that day came, Knapp was determined not to be an “uncool dad.” Although he was terribly scared and couldn’t sleep the night before, he followed Alec out into the sky as a tandem skydive (where you are physically attached to an instructor). Upon landing, they knew this was the sport for them, so the two enrolled in jump school the next week.

“When you’re in the air, it’s perfectly calm and serene,” Knapp said. “Floating through the air seems like forever, even though it only lasts about 60 seconds.”

After jumping out of many types of aircraft (including helicopters and hot air balloons) and jumping in Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, Knapp’s next goal is to jump from a two-passenger biplane.

“You get to sit in the front seat, and once you reach altitude, you just grab onto a bar mounted on the upper wing,” the daredevil said. “When the pilot loops the plane upside down, you just drop out!”

Knapp’s advice for those with the curiosity: “Go and do a tandem skydive! When you get to the ground, you’ll know if it was a once in a lifetime, or if you’ve got to do it again!”

For young Charlotte team members, the advice becomes more of a suggestion—or heavy peer pressure, in Robin Washco, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C’s case.

“Tim was like—you’re doing it. You’re absolutely doing this. And 30 minutes later, it was booked for the next day at noon,” remembers Washco, looking back on Knapp and others “encouraging” her to go skydiving on her 30th birthday.

“I was shaking, I was so nervous! I kept thinking, what just happened?” she said.

Sure enough, the very next day, Washco put all of her faith in the tandem instructor and fell 14,000 feet (see video below).

“Four years later, it’s still marinating. It was the most intense, crazy, unbelievable thing I’ve ever done,” she said.

Now a tradition in Charlotte, team members go skydiving for their 30th birthdays. So far, Rachel Guillot, AIA, LEED GA and Brian Plant, LEED AP have gone. Adam Anzivino, Assoc. AIA is on deck!

Shawn Danek, EIT, a Junior Civil/Municipal Engineer in CPL’s Rochester office catches plenty of air himself on his downhill bike.

A sport he enjoys with his wife and friends across NY state, Danek has been extreme biking for three years, although he’s been biking and doing jumps since he was five years old.

For thrill seekers willing to travel, there are many mountain bike parks to practice downhill biking. Danek has journeyed to Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia for bike parks that offer chair lifts uphill (like ski resorts), allowing plenty of speed and momentum for trails that can have jumps up to 40 feet in distance and drops that are 12-foot high.

For trails and features like these, not just any bike will do. His downhill bike is made for durability and stability and has highly adjustable 8-inch travel suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, slacked out geometry and 2.5-inch-wide knobby tires.

Less durable than a downhill bike is Danek’s collarbone and scapula, unfortunately, which he broke in the spring of 2017.

Still, the adventurer’s biggest goal is to land a backflip to dirt; he’s close, landing it while practicing in a foam pit and on an air bag (video below).

Danek also utilizes winter as a time for training and travels to Cleveland, OH and Ontario, Canada to train at two 100,000+ square foot indoor facilities: Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park and Joyride 150. When he is not traveling, Danek makes use of Breaking Free Skate Park, the local skatepark in Rochester, NY.

Additionally, Danek uses his winters to practice agility and air awareness, skiing off similarly sized jumps out in Vermont and out west with his wife and family.

“I’d say my biggest accomplishment is getting my wife, Karlee, to fall in love with the sport. For someone who just started mountain biking for the first time three years ago, she is extremely dedicated to the sport and loves every minute she’s out on her bike!” Danek said, reminding us that enjoying our hobbies is worth any bit of danger we might encounter.

This works out for John Nickerson, an Architectural Designer in CPL’s Jamestown office, who competes in demolition derbies for fun.

Nickerson finds old junk cars and gets them running in tip-top shape to compete against 20-30 other drivers in an arena half the size of a football field. Drivers reach speeds of 20-30 mph with the intention of destroying other cars.

“The main goal is to smash other people and be the last one standing,” he said.

Although it looks chaotic, demolition derbies abide by many safety rules. Competitors cannot hit other cars on the driver’s side door. They must remove all interior components of the car except the driver’s seat, dashboard, and steering wheel. Why? Less to be caught on fire. And to prevent fires, competitors must also cut a hole in the hood measuring 12 square inches.

“Yes, I have had my car catch on fire before,” said Nickerson. “You wait for the fire to go out, and if the car is still running, you can keep competing! ”That is, as long as you’re back up and running within the time limit. “You have to make a hit every 60 seconds, or you’ll be disqualified,” explained Nickerson.

Nickerson doesn’t just enjoy it. He’s good at it. Just last week, Nickerson won first place at the Chautauqua County Fair. Keeping it close, Nickerson’s brother, Mark, won second place. Actually, demolition derbies are a Nickerson family tradition.

“My grandpa used to do it, and my dad did it for more than 30 years,” he said. “We grew up around it.”

Nickerson drove in his first derby at 17 years old and has kept with it every summer for seven years. So, he knows the tricks of the trade, buying two to four cars every year with the expectation they’ll all eventually be totaled.

Whether you want to compete or just watch, Nickerson says he definitely recommends it.

“Don’t be afraid to give it a try,” he said. “There’s nothing else like it.”

Adalia Fullbeck, an Architectural Intern in our Woodstock office, would tell you the same thing about racing anything that is fast and loud.

“I am a dare devil in hiding,” jokes Fullbeck.

She and fiancé, Richard, love to race ATVs, cars, and jetskis. Most recently, she set a personal record of hitting 120 mph on their new racing jetski. But, they’ve gone even faster in a car. When on a trip to Germany, Fullbeck reached a numbing speed of 160 mph on the Autobahn!

With a past in sponsored motocross racing, fiancé Richard has gone even faster, once hitting 240 mph on a motorcycle.

But, their newest passion lies in dirt track racing—and the hope of getting a sponsorship racing deal. Right now, they’re exploring the differences between dirt tracks and asphalt tracks, hoping to gain more experience in dirt track racing, and building their own dirt track car.

Fullbeck’s advice to anyone who wants to try it: “Don’t be scared, research, be safe, and pay attention!”

Fullbeck will be cutting down on her risk taking for the time being as she shifts her attention to two brand new adventures: her upcoming wedding and her baby boy, due in December!

Perhaps CPL has another thrill seeker in the making.

<![CDATA[BLOG: Strategic Pathways For Pedestrians]]> Spanning waterways, railroad tracks, highways and more, pedestrian bridges enable us to make the necessary connections that we often take for granted. These walking infrastructures, also known as footbridges, provide safe modes of passage for walkers and cyclists, and bring enrichment to communities.

A successful pedestrian bridge design must not only encourage a safe mode of transit for people, but it must also avoid interference with automotive traffic on roads or waterways.

CPL’s architects and engineers have conceived many innovative overpasses that are marvels of both design and engineering. From a bright, glowing overpass in Atlanta, GA to a 2-span cable stayed bridge in Buffalo, NY, these structures are sure to make drivers jealous.

An eye-catching design build project is taking shape over Northside Drive near downtown Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Spanning 1,000 f.t., the highly anticipated Northside Drive Pedestrian Bridge connects the new stadium with the Vine City MARTA Station, nearby parking and westside Atlanta, GA neighborhoods.

Destined to make an architectural statement once completed, the bridge has been uniquely designed to have a perforated architectural aluminum skin with controllable color LED lighting beneath the roof of the skin to shine through the perforations. The exterior of the bridge enclosure and ramps are also enriched with continuous controllable color LED strip-lighting, all of which can be customized to highlight events, festivals and holidays.

This impressive infrastructure piece is expected to make visiting the stadium a more pleasant and accessible experience, easing the impact of more than 70,000 people (and their vehicles) traveling during stadium events.

An oldie but a goodie, CPL provided preliminary and final design services for the replacement of an aging pedestrian bridge over Route 33 and the Humboldt Parkway in Buffalo, NY. The bridge, originally built in the 1960’s, links two communities that were once separated by construction on the expressway.

Funded by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), the project called for a new bridge design that would further strengthen community connections and encourage pedestrian access. CPL designed a five-span continuous structure with a graceful sweeping arch that is complimented by unique fencing and false stonework patterns.

Additionally, the cable-stayed designed bridge hosts ADA-compliant ramps and landings at both entrances, further improving accessibility. Drilled concrete shaft foundations were also used to protect the adjacent Scajaquada Drain structure, which carries Scajaquada Creek underground through the area.

CPL received the American Public Works Association (APWA)’s 2011 Project of the Year award for this design, and to this day, the bridge continues to stand with integrity promoting safety and connectivity.

Two pedestrian bridges connecting the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk over the Chadakoin River have recently been unveiled. Starting off in the Gateway Train Station (site of the National Comedy Center), the bridges connect pedestrians to the newly constructed Riverwalk Trail, which loops throughout the City to Chautauqua Lake.

Historically, the City of Jamestown, NY has had limited connectivity between the north and south sides of the Chadakoin River. As design engineers for the project, CPL envisioned the two COR-TEN steel bridges to be catalysts for future economic development and increased pedestrian activity along the waterfront.

An opening ceremony honoring the two bridges was held on July 7, 2018. More than 100 area residents showed up to celebrate the structures, which now serve as symbols of public health and improved quality of life, allowing pedestrians to safely walk from the northern Riverwalk to Panzerella Park.

Walking infrastructure may not be high on the priority list for some communities, but pedestrian bridges are essential additions to the urban environment. They improve the quality of cities by connecting spaces, shortening travel distances, and giving members of the community reclaimed public space to enjoy.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: Get to Know CPL’s New BIM Manager, Stephen Olson, AIA]]> Contact: Michelle Draghi
Communications Coordinator

Thursday, July 19, 2018 - Buffalo, NY – With global trends making architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) projects exceedingly more complex, advancements in technology help industry professionals work more efficiently. These days, a growing number of architects, engineers and contractors are using BIM (Building Information Modeling) to help them plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

BIM is an intelligent model-based process that connects AEC professionals and gives them the ability to create digital 3D models that include data associated with physical and functional characteristics. In an effort to streamline the company’s BIM/REVIT standards and procedures as well as help digital work practices evolve, CPL hired Stephen Olson, AIA as BIM Manager.

A University at Buffalo alumnus and a licensed architect in New York State, Olson has been working in the AEC industry for more than 12 years. Prior to joining CPL, he served as a Project Architect and BIM Manager at Scheid Architectural, where he was responsible for managing CAD/BIM standards and processes. As a new CPL team member, Olson is eager to hit the ground running to help manage BIM policies and workflows, as well as offer BIM training and support throughout the firm.

“I’m most excited to maximize efficiency and identify ways to streamline productivity,” Olson said. “I truly enjoy building tools and processes that help others succeed in what they’re passionate about.”

Just like his drive and willingness to help others, Olson’s enthusiasm for architecture has always been part of his makeup. Growing up, he watched his dad work with architects as a Draftsman, and after mowing lawns and delivering newspapers as a teen, his first real job was at Habiterra Architects in Jamestown, NY. (Fun fact: CPL absorbed Habiterra in January of 2013)

“At the time, I think my unofficial title was ‘Office Boy’,” Olson laughed. “I ran blueprints on an old ammonia machine and took care of filing in the resources library. It was my first real introduction into this world.”

After high school, Olson spent time working for a drawing services company where he interacted with architects and engineers, facility managers, planners for hospitals, etc. His experience as a Drawing Services Engineer gave him a unique insight into how different professionals utilize architecture and architectural tools.

“I also spent time working as an MEP Draftsman, which I think helped ground me in the more practical side of building science,” Olson added.

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree in architecture in 2011, Olson became an Intern Architect, responsible for architectural and MEP drafting. He then continued his education and earned his Master of Architecture degree in 2013. Since then, Olson has gained substantial experience as a professional architect, tasked with complex design projects and various project management responsibilities.

Through all of his experiences, Olson’s insight on the benefits of BIM technology and its ability to support an integrated project delivery approach has never been more clear.

“As an architect, I strongly believe that we don’t just design pretty buildings,” he explained. “An architect is responsible for every single decision involved in a building, which makes collaboration a key aspect of our job. Whether we’re creating composite models, developing design plans or sharing our work with different audiences, BIM tools support architects in successfully doing our job.”

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 340-person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 13 cities across 4 states. CPL specializes in the Healthcare, Transportation, Municipal and Academic sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.

<![CDATA[BLOG: Access to Quality Healthcare Easier Than Ever at New RRH Riedman Health Center]]> Article written by Marketing Intern, Abbye Schmitz, with assistance from Communications Coordinator, Michelle Draghi.

Driven by a heartwarming community-based campaign, Rochester Regional Health (RRH), a leading healthcare system in the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes regions, held a ceremonial ribbon-cutting on July 18, 2018, introducing the new RRH Riedman Health Center to the community.

CPL’s healthcare design team partnered with RRH for the adaptive reuse of the former Tops supermarket building located in the Ridge Goodman Plaza on Eastridge Road in Irondequoit, NY. Since the groundbreaking in 2016, this $17 million (construction value) project has developed into one of the largest outpatient facilities in Rochester spanning 74,355 s.f. and offering a full spectrum of quality care.

The RRH Riedman Health Center offers clinically essential services like lab, radiology, pharmacy, dental, ophthalmology, primary care and pediatrics creating a “one-stop-shop” for community members. With access to such an array of specialties, patients can be diagnosed, and in some cases, begin treatment during the same visit.

The project’s master plan outlined the need to create a stress-free, quality healthcare center located off the RGH campus property, one that people could easily access. RRH President and CEO, Eric Bieber, MD, reinforced that, "having access to great healthcare should not depend on what zip code you live in."

Therefore, the intentional location of the site is perfectly suited to yield easy navigation for members of the community. The center also offers free parking with 240 available spaces and a Regional Transit Service (RTS) bus stop directly in front of the building.

From a design perspective, CPL incorporated innovative architectural and interior design concepts through the lens of the Andersen Healthcare Utilization Model. This conceptual model takes a hard look at different factors associated with the use of health services.

CPL architect, Jen LaChance, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, further explained, “The Andersen Model helped our team approach this project with a focus on the onstage/offstage concept of design as it pertains to the intentional separation of staff and patients. We saw great value in designing the facility around the patients, creating ease of access, allowing them to check-out in their rooms, as well as keeping hectic medical business separate from their healing space.”

This approach led to the creation of tranquil hallways, patient rooms with guaranteed privacy, a welcoming lobby with self-check-in kiosks, and serene waiting rooms with access to ample natural light. Behind the scenes, the team recognized the benefits that came with combing staff in a central core location to interact with one another. Thus, the building also has private staff lounges, separate hallways for workflow as well as the ability to stock rooms and complete other general work without interrupting appointments.

Additionally, CPL was successful in utilizing various sustainable healthcare practices for the facility’s design. For example, the decision to repurpose the original Tops supermarket building shell allowed for the preservation of raw materials, the reduction of negatively impacting emissions and the decrease of wastage otherwise added to landfills through construction demolition.

Another sustainable initiative included was the installation of a white roof—a light-colored roof membrane that reflects the sunlight to help keep the building cool and reduce overall energy use. The center is currently registered with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The Irondequoit community is elated about the value that this facility brings to their town. In addition to providing more jobs as well as returning vibrancy to the plaza, they expect the Riedman Health Center to make quality healthcare more convenient for residents seeking medical attention. Town Supervisor, David Seeley, expressed his gratitude for the footprint of economic development that this building has created and the exponential growth expected to transpire throughout the broader community.

CPL Principal and architect, Michelle Trott, AIA, NCARB, ACHA, said, “Our team is thankful to have the opportunity to design and recreate this site to serve the patients of RRH and the community."

<![CDATA[BUZZ: Comedy About to be Big Business in Jamestown]]> This week, comedy switches from being a laughing matter to a potentially serious moneymaker for Jamestown, NY.

Click here to read the full article written by James Fink in the Buffalo Business First business journal.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL Welcomes New Hire in Woodstock]]> Contact: Michelle Draghi
Communications Coordinator

Monday, July 2, 2018 - Woodstock, GA – CPL, a full-service design firm that has served public and private-sector clients for more than 40 years, is pleased to welcome Stephen Sandberg as architectural designer.

In his new role, Sandberg will assist the architectural team with all aspects Wakefield Beasley & Associates: A Nelson Company. of design including schematic drawings, 3D modeling and client presentations. Prior to joining CPL, he served as a production architect as Wakefield Beasley & Associates: A Nelson Company.

Sandberg has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Southern Polytechnic State University. He resides in Holly Springs, GA.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL Welcomes Four New Hires in Rochester]]> Contact: Michelle Draghi
Communications Coordinator

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - Rochester, NY – CPL, a full-service design firm that has served public and private-sector clients for more than 40 years, is pleased to welcome four hires to its Rochester team: Nathaniel Piscitelli as architectural designer, Melissa Zender as junior civil engineer, Ethan Hagel as junior electrical engineer and Edmund Cannon as transportation engineer.

In his new role, Piscitelli will assist the architectural team with all aspects of design including drafting, 3D modeling and client presentations. Prior to joining CPL, he served as an architectural intern at Foit Albert Associates while earning a bachelor of architecture degree from Alfred State College of Technology. Piscitelli resides in Rochester, NY.

In her new role, Zender will assist the civil engineering team with a variety of project types including land development, site plan design and stormwater design. Prior to joining CPL as full-time team member, she served as an intern while attending college. Zender earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She resides in Fairport, NY.

As junior electrical engineer, Hagel will work with the electrical engineering team to implement electrical designs into REVIT and AutoCAD as well as conduct field work to account for existing electrical layouts. Prior to joining CPL, he served as an electrical designer engineer and CAD coordinator at M/E Engineering. Hagel has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Binghamton University and resides in Rochester, NY.

As transportation engineer, Cannon will focus on transportation planning, bridge design, traffic engineering and streetscape design. With more than 3 years of professional experience, he most recently served as a fiber design engineer for Fibertech Lightower. Cannon has a bachelor degree in civil engineering from the University of Alaska at Anchorage and resides in Rochester, NY.

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 340-person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 13 cities across 4 states. CPL specializes in the Healthcare, Transportation, Municipal and Academic sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL Welcomes New Hire in Charlotte]]> Contact: Michelle Draghi
Communications Coordinator

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - Charlotte, NC – CPL, a full-service design firm that has served public and private-sector clients for more than 40 years, is pleased to welcome Brad Norvell, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C as associate and project manager.

In his new position, Norvell will manage project teams and work directly with clients on projects of varying size and scope. Prior to joining CPL, Norvell worked at McMillan Pazdan Smith and focused primarily on higher education design. With more than 12 years of industry experience, he has expertise in project management, business development and marketing.

Norvell has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Kentucky. He is currently a Wesley Heights Neighborhood Board Member as well as the Chair of FreeMoreWest (FMW), a non-profit business association. Norvell resides in Charlotte, NC.

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 340-person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 13 cities across 4 states. CPL specializes in the Healthcare, Transportation, Municipal and Academic sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: Northland Corridor Project Takes Shape on East Side]]> The $100 million Northland Corridor project aims to revitalize the former Niagara Machine and Tool Works building into a workforce development center. CPL is pleased to play a design role in rehabilitating the roadway and streetscape. Click here to read the full story.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: Reconnecting Downtown 'Neighborhood' to the Niagara River ]]> Buffalo's proposed Erie Shelton Square Greenway is intended to improve access to the waterfront from downtown. This project is a marvelous design effort from CPL's team in Western New York. Click here to listen to story via WBFO.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: CPL Expands to New, Innovative Woodstock Office; Firm Plans to Hire New Employees]]> CPL has relocated and will host a ribbon cutting and open house at its new, expanded office in Woodstock next month. The Woodstock office plans to hire at least two new employees as part of the recent expansion, according to a news release. Click here to read the full story written by Thomas Hartwell and featured in the Cherokee Tribune.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: ENR New York Top Design Firms By Market Sector 2018]]> The ENR New York Top Design Firms list, ranks the largest U.S.-based designs firms, both publicly and privately held, based on design-specific revenue. This year, CPL is ranked as a Top 10 Healthcare design firm in the latest. Click here to see the full list.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: Women in Construction and Development Share Their Paths to Success]]> The road to employment independence is rarely straight and almost always includes plenty of forks and roundabouts. Especially in a male-dominated industry. CPL's Chief Culture Officer, Kathy Metcalfe, is sharing her path to success alongside other women in the construction and development industry. Click here to read the full article written by Kevin Oklobzija and featured in the Rochester Business Journal's (RBJ) Path to Excellence Magazine (published June 22, 2018).).

<![CDATA[BUZZ: Call it 'New West Seneca' - Community Center/Library to Anchor Town Makeover]]> The Town of West Seneca wants to remake Union Road, one of its main thoroughfares, into a town center that is focused on people rather than automobiles. Check out this great piece written by Barbara O'Brien of The Buffalo News to learn more about the Town's transformational planning vision.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: Dedication Held For New Downtown Bridges At Riverwalk]]> More than 100 area residents showed up for the opening ceremony celebrating the two pedestrian bridges newly installed across the Chadakoin River in the Greater Jamestown Riverwalk on Saturday, July 7, 2018. Click here to read the full story written by Eric Zavinski and featured in The Post Journal.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: The Latest on Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s Dazzling Bridge Project]]> Click here to check out the progress on the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium pedestrian bridge in Atlanta and read about it in Curbed Atlanta. The article, written by Josh Green, explains how the new bridge will improve safety for event goers as well as easing traffic congestion.