Clark Patterson Lee | Blog Clark Patterson Lee Blog en Copyright 2019 2019-12-09T10:13:49-05:00 <![CDATA[BLOG: Honoring Our Heroes – A Salute to Our CPL Veterans]]> The Wall That Heals (pictured above) is a traveling replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

A Veteran is someone who is brave and courageous, a person who lives with integrity, and, at CPL, a person who we admire for their hard work in many aspects of their lives. This month, we are shining the spotlight on the team members who have truly exemplified our core values, and who have helped give us the freedoms we enjoy every day. We also highlight a Veterans Memorial project that allows citizens to show their appreciation for our Veterans.

Don Lee, FAIA – Principal Consultant

Don was in the Army Reserves for six years, serving as a Private. He fulfilled his civil duty after being drafted. Moving on to architecture, Don looks back at his history knowing he “did his time”. Learn more about Don.

Ashley Leonard – Electrical Engineering Team

Ashley was a Senior Airman (E-4) in the Air Force, where he served from 1991-1995. “I joined mainly to get out of town to be honest. I wanted to learn some different skills and to see different parts of the world. I do love my country, the freedom and liberty it stands for, and I believed that serving in the military was one way of giving back to it,” he said.

Allen Turner - Visualization and Media Production

Allen served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, from 1991-1995, as a Corporal (E-4). “I joined the military, first and foremost, to serve my country and honor a family tradition of military service. The unexpected benefits to me where that through that service, I developed a strong sense of self-discipline, integrity and a lifelong bond with the fraternity of brothers and sisters I served with,” he said.

Issac Lewis – Municipal Team

Issac served as a United States Marine from 1996-1999. He was assigned to the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, and is a Code Enforcement Officer at CPL.

Joe Garland – Civil Engineering Team

Joe served as an SP4 in the United States Army. Called to duty from a military obligation, he served his county from 1970-1976.

Shauncy Maloy, P.E. – Civil Engineering Team

Shauncy served as a Staff Sergeant (E-6) in the Army National Guard for 9 years, from 2001-2010. “I joined for a combination of reasons; out of a desire to serve my country, as a way to pay for school, and as a way to maintain my ability to speak Russian. (I already spoke Russian and joined a linguist unit.) I am proud of my service. I did 9 years of active reserve with 3 deployments during that 9 years. I got out to spend more time with my family,” he said.

Gregory Jacquet, Sr. – Municipal Team

Gregory served for six years in the United States Marine Corps as a Corporal (E-4), and for three years with the Coast Guard as an E-4 from 1983-1989. Referring to his service as a “family duty”, Gregory describes the tradition: “My Grandfather and Father both served in the United States Army as Officers. My Grandfather made 14 trips to with a supply vessel to Europe during WWII,” he said. “Three of my four children have served and my youngest son is currently active duty in the United States Coast Guard stationed in Hawaii.”

Rick Raymond – IT Team

Rick served as a Staff Sergeant in the United States Armed Forces for 10 years… and 1 month, 3 days, 6 hours, 4 minutes... and jokes he wasn’t counting. Yearning to represent his country, he joined the Armed Forces after missing the Olympics by one race in the qualifying regatta.

Dave Drexel, NICET Level IV – Construction Inspection Team

Dave served in the Army during the Vietnam War Era.Drafted into service, he was in the infantry and served in the Berlin Brigade. “I was stationed near the Berlin Wall. I was a jeep driver for an Executive Officer. I also had guard duty on a few occasions at the American Embassy and at Spandau Prison (when Rudolph Hess was there). We worked with West German, British and French units in their various sectors to include travel into the Russian sector. That included regular trips through Checkpoint Charlie. I enjoyed the German hospitality and food while I was there both in Berlin and in the other places I visited,” Dave shared.\

Deborah Barletta, CIP, LEED AP BD+C – IT Team

Deb served as an Army Reservist for four and a half years. Humble in her service, she extends warm recognition for those Veterans who were actively involved in combat.

Alex West – Architectural Team

Alex served as a Seabee in the Navy for 8 years, attaining the rank of Builder Second Class Petty Officer (BU2).In 2009, Alex served a tour in Iraq.“I joined the Navy for several reasons. One I wasn't ready to go to college and I needed a way to pay for college. I also wanted to do something for my country.I also have had several grandparents and uncles in the military. I am thankful for the experience and glad that I did it,” he said.

Vince Hines – Municipal Team

Vince served in the United States Armed Forces from 1975 – 1979.At the time of his discharge, Vince’s rank was E-4, and he also served as a UH-1P (Huey) Crew Chief with the 35th TFW, and 24th SOS.Vince joined the USAF as a family tradition. “From a young age I knew that I would serve, as my family has served in some shape or form as far back as the Civil War,” he said.

Mack Cain, RLA, LEED AP – Landscape Architecture Team

Mack spent three years in the reserves for the United States Marine Corps as a PLC 2nd Lieutenant from 1972 to 1975. Mack says he felt it was his duty to serve his county. As a professional landscape architect, Mack has found a way to extend his gratitude.Designing two previous military memorials, Mack is now working on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Johns Creek, Atlanta. Learn more about Mack.

The “Wall That Heals” is a traveling memorial that drives across the country to allow people to pay their respects. When the memorial came to Johns Creek a few years ago, it drew more than 10,000 people. After five years of travel, the wall is retired and auctioned off to the highest bidder, using those funds to construct a new wall to travel. Johns Creek won the bid, and is now looking to give the wall a permanent home in their Veterans Park section of Newtown Park.

Standing at 240 feet long and 3 to 8 feet tall, the memorial is a half-scale replica of the wall in Washington, D.C. Soon, the memorial will have its permanent residence in Atlanta.

Although the project is contracted under CPL, Mack is donating most of his time pro-bono to the Veterans. The memorial is currently under construction and is planned to open in March 2020.

* This list includes those team members that were willing to share a bit about their service, but is not an all-inclusive list of all Veterans at CPL.

<![CDATA[BLOG: Aquarium of Niagara Adds Touch Tank Exhibit]]> The Aquarium of Niagara and CPL celebrated the groundbreaking of a new exhibit that is sure to make a splash! The Aquarium’s team announced the start of construction on the interactive habitat named “M&T Bank Shark and Ray Bay” late September, with a launch date anticipated in spring 2020.

The touch-tank exhibit will allow patrons a hands-on, teaching and learning experience with a collection of marine life including sharks, stingrays, hermit crabs, sea urchins, and more.

The open tank allows children and family to lean in and actually touch the marine life. Divers and educators for the Aquarium can also physically get in the water and conduct a program from the tank explaining the habitat, the creatures, and direct the exhibit for educational purposes.

Mike Mistriner, AIA, Vice President at CPL, enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Aquarium through his active involvement with the Niagara community when he joined the firm in 2017. This allowed Mistriner and local CPL team members the opportunity to develop a master plan for the $1.3 million exhibit.

CPL architectural team member, Austin Tylec, shared much interest in the project that would attract tourists and the local community alike.

"This project is a huge catalyst for the area,” said Tylec. “The New York side of Niagara Falls lacks excitement. The improvements to this facility will motivate local community members to visit Niagara Falls and keep our money local,” he said.

Tylec has been a designer for the project since the onset and is excited to see it through the last detail.

My favorite part of this project was the conceptual phase,” he said. “We were able to interact with the Aquarium staff and discuss all the pieces that needed to fit in order to have a successful project. We asked the questions, why do we want to create this exhibit? What is the desired size?

These details include behind-the-scenes equipment, and the infrastructure that must be in place to guarantee the tank will function properly.

Carly Owczarczak, CID, LEED AP BD+C, NCIDQ, lead interior designer for the project, leaned on the experts at the Aquarium for these details.

This is a unique project for us, so we wanted the staff at the Aquarium to be actively involved in telling us what is important to them,” she said. “We delved into a lot of research to ensure this project was the best it could be and to enhance the visitors experience as they interact with the marine life.”

Through a vision dialogue session, Tylec, Owczarczak, and other CPL team members worked closely with Aquarium staff to select the Mangrove Florida theme. Owczarczak developed 3-dimensional renderings of the project that illustrated the tank, the ceilings, wall graphics, and the wayfinding experience for visitors.

It was exciting to work with their staff because they are so enthusiastic about animals and marine life,” said Tylec. “They provided a lot of input about appropriate care and living conditions for each species.” The marine life that will be featured in the tank are rescues, who might have died in the wild without the help of the Aquarium.

CPL team members who made this project possible included Joe Rausch, P.E., Paul Tenny, Eric Latiuk, P.E., Phil D’Angelo, Jay Meyers, P.E., Dan Gaughan, Dave Hart, P.E., Marissa Colucci, and Brittany Nowicki. CPL also worked with Eric Hall from Hall Aquatics for life safety support, as well as a lighting specialist and tank specialist, to ensure the feature of the exhibit would be the marine life in the tank. In addition, Owczarczak worked closely with the Aquarium’s Education Director to design an interactive learning environment that showcases the marine life by region.

The project also included an office addition to the second floor with further room to expand in the future, which allowed the Aquarium the space it needed on the first floor for the exhibit.

“This is one of the three bigger projects that has happened to the facility in the last three years, and sets a precedent to go bigger and better in continuing to grow,” said Tylec. “I look forward to the next steps and the next few years of development.”

<![CDATA[BUZZ: Bergen's Eric Wies is Leadership Genesee Alumnus of the Year]]> Leadership Genesee (LG) will present awards honoring the 29 members of the Class of 2019 along with the 2019 Outstanding Alumnus Award at the annual Graduation Celebration on Dec. 5th at Terry Hills

Eric Wies, P.E., a graduate of the LG Class of 2006, has been named the Leadership Genesee Alumnus of the Year. The award is presented annually to an alumnus who works to fulfill the program’s mission displaying exceptional achievements and contributions to the community and Leadership Genesee.

Wies is the immediate past chair of the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce and the current president of the Bergen Fire Department.

Click here to read the full press release posted by Billie Owens in The Batavian.

<![CDATA[BLOG: CPL Hosts First Annual Career Day for High School Students]]> CPL is dedicated to enriching our communities. We give back, share knowledge and engage with our neighbors and partners in many ways. We are proud to have an intentional culture that fosters thoughtfulness, creative thinking and work-life balance, which manifests itself in extraordinary accomplishments. Our team members’ willingness to lend a hand and become involved is vital to our success and has tangible impacts on the lives of those around us.

A great illustration of this commitment to community was a career day that CPL’s Rochester office recently hosted. Twenty-two high school students from three districts (Perry CSD, Pavilion CSD and York CSD) attended, along with their chaperones who ranged from Principals to Technology class teachers. The goals for the event were to make the next generation of A/E thought leaders aware of the great opportunities in our industry as well as inform young talent that a bright future awaits them here in Rochester and at CPL.

The day’s agenda kicked off with presentations from CPL team members where they discussed the professions of architecture, engineering and interior design. The students not only heard about what our experts do on a daily basis, but also discovered the educational path that it takes to pursue these disciplines. Our speakers used detailed examples from their work, successes and lessons learned. Smart, enthusiastic students asked meaningful, interactive questions and heard answers first-hand from real, local professionals.

"Looking back, I wish there had been more resources available to me as a student considering the architectural career path. With the high cost of college, any help navigating the waters of education, licensure and career can go a long way in managing expectations and increasing the chance for success,” commented Jason Benfante, AIA, Principal Architect at CPL. "Nurturing the interests of future designers and engineering problem solvers was important to share, but we also wanted to offer our own life experiences to demonstrate that each journey is unique, you should expect challenges, you shouldn't sweat setbacks, and favorable outcomes are borne from perseverance,” he added.

After the formal presentations and lunch, the students split into groups to tour our offices, get a feel for the workplace environment and make three exciting stops along the way. The first was an inside look at our interiors library where they learned about materials selection and client interaction. The second stop was an interactive visit to CPL’s Virtual Reality Lab to understand how VR and mixed reality are implemented by designers to help clients envision what their projects will look like and make important design decisions.

Lastly, the students learned about how drones are used in our daily workflow to not only capture photos and video, but to obtain the data that is critical to building virtual models.

"The feedback from all the students was extremely positive,said Becky Belkota, Principal at Perry CSD. They appreciated the way each field was presented by including what areas of interest each CPL team member had when they were in high school and how that connected to the profession they chose. It was also helpful for them to hear about the different educational paths. I know the kids really enjoyed the interactive portion and tour of the firm as well.

These visits serve to give students a peek inside different careers, and hopefully, encourage them to explore a design field. However, there is also a broader issue at play: In the Finger Lakes and western New York region, retaining high school students, as well as our local college graduates, is a measurable economic development driver. We very much want these bright minds to stay and prosper right here in our communities.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Bob Duffy, said, “Rochester Chamber commends member CPL for giving students an inside look at its operations. Experiences like this can go a long way in helping a young person decide upon a career path and stay in our community. With Rochester Chamber’s intensified focus on workforce development and talent strategy, we encourage other companies to take CPL’s lead and offer opportunities for students to see what happens behind the scenes.”

CPL’s inaugural career day was a success and we are already planning for several others across our office footprint!

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL’s Michelle Trott Appointed to AIA’s Academy of Architecture for Health]]> Contact: Vince Press
Director of Marketing & Communications

New Orleans, LA & Rochester, NY Wednesday, November 13, 2019 – At their annual Healthcare Design Expo & Conference, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) appointed CPL Principal Architect, Michelle Trott, AIA, NCARB, to serve on the Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH), effective November 2, 2019 for a three-year term.

Trott is a proven leader for CPL’s Healthcare practice and has successfully grown the firm’s client base to include leading health organizations such as Rochester Regional Health, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Kaleida Health. She has also served as a mentor to young professionals in the field of architecture and design.

“Thought leadership is a vital component of knowledge exchange that is invaluable to me,” said Trott. “The opportunity to serve on this board represents my passion to engage conversation, share experiences and learn for the future betterment of healthcare. I cherish mentoring younger professionals to help focus their desire to improve patient, family and staff experiences based on research, code and design.”

The AAH is dedicated to providing knowledge which supports the design of healthy environments by creating education and networking opportunities for members of – and those touched by – the healthcare architectural professional. Their vision states that together, they will improve the world by serving as the authoritative voice for the design of healthy environments, leading the way to effective future practice, and advocating with those who share our goals.

“CPL prides itself on our culture, expertise and commitment to difference-making, innovative design,” commented Todd Liebert, AIA, NCARB, CPL Chief Executive Officer and Facilities Guidelines Institute, HGRC Hospital Co-Chair. “There is no better affirmation of this than when our team members are recognized by industry organizations and peers.”

Liebert added, “Professional engagement and volunteerism are critical to individual success as well as enabling our firm to better serve our clients and communities. We are thrilled that Michelle has been selected for this national post.”

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 440-person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 16 cities across 5 states. CPL specializes in the Healthcare, Transportation, Municipal and Academic sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL Welcomes New Hires in Rochester and Greensboro]]> Contact: Michelle Draghi
CPL Marketing Team

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - Rochester, NY and Greensboro, NC - CPL, a full-service design firm that has served public and private-sector clients for more than 44 years, is pleased to welcome two new team members: Ruben Alfredo Escobar Zurita who joins the civil engineering team in Rochester and Erica Perine who joins the architectural team in Greensboro.

As a member of the civil engineering team, Zurita will provide engineering design, analysis and calculations for a variety of transportation projects including designs for roads/highways, bridges, intersections and streetscapes. Prior to joining CPL, he served as a transportation engineer for HUNT Engineers.

Zurita has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with a specialty in infrastructure from the Universidad Mayor de San Simon in Cochambamba, Bolivia. Outside the office, he is a member of the New York State Association of Transportation Engineers (NYSATE), the Rochester Engineering Society of Civil Engineers (RES), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE – Associate Member). Zurita resides in the Town of Irondequoit, NY.

Perine joins CPL’s architectural team equipped to provide support on a variety of project types. Prior to joining CPL as a full-time team member, she interned with the firm’s architectural team during the Summer of 2018.

Perine has a bachelor’s degree in music (minor in business) and a master’s degree in architecture from Tulane University. She resides in Greensboro, NC.

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 440+ person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 16 cities across 5 states. CPL specializes in the Healthcare, Transportation, Municipal and Academic sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, buildings and structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: Architecture, Engineering Firm to Expand into Pittsburgh]]> Architecture, engineering and planning firm CPL announced that it would be expanding into Pittsburgh through the acquisition of Image Associates Inc.

Click here to read the full story written by Luke Torrance, Digital Producer at Pittsburgh Business Times.

<![CDATA[BROADCAST: Rochester Regional Health - Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care Virtual Tour]]> Fly through the 7-story, 312,000 s.f. Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care at Rochester General Hospital (RGH). With an anticipated opening in 2020, the new building will feature 23 multi-disciplinary operating rooms, 108 private acuity-adaptable patient rooms, 20 private post partum rooms and 14 special care nursery rooms. The project will also include renovations of the current second and third floors of the hospital to update pre-operative services and women’s health respectively.

<![CDATA[BROADCAST: Field of Dreams Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility Time-Lapse]]> The new Field of Dreams Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility serves as an upscale, country homestead for seniors ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives. Located at 3260 North Seventh Street, this two-story, 140-bed facility spans 88,000 s.f. and is owned/operated by the Tanglewood Group of Jamestown, NY. Approximately half of the building dedicated to individuals in need of basic personal care services (ie. medical monitoring and medication management), the other half offers services to patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other types of memory care needs.

<![CDATA[BLOG: A Treehouse, City Skylines, Hogwarts and More - CPL’s Pumpkin Carving-Contest Returns]]> The Halloween spirit was celebrated with cleverness and creativity during CPL’s 2019 pumpkin-carving contest. A yearly event put on by the firm’s wellness committee, CPL Wellness, this year’s competition challenged participants to design and carve a “Building/Structures” themed pumpkin.

A total of 13 teams from CPL offices in New York, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia competed to win prizes (and bragging rights). The guidelines were simple – you must use real pumpkins and the final entry must represent a building or structure of your choosing.

With only a couple of weeks to get the job the done, groups put their design minds to work as they planned, gutted, painted and sculpted their pumpkins. Entries were posted on CPL’s Facebook page and the amount of “likes” each photo received determined the winners.

“One of the ways in which we bolster our company culture is through team building and a healthy dose of fun,” explained Kathy Metcalfe, CPL’s Chief Culture Officer. “We believe in the power of play and how it can strengthen camaraderie, break down bureaucratic barriers and recharge team members. This contest is a great example of that.”

With an overwhelming number of “likes” (101 to be exact), the intricate “Skyline” pumpkin carved by CPL team members in Olean, NY won by a landslide. Kudos to Brady Sturm and Levi Feely on a well-deserved victory!

Second place went to the meticulous “Treehouse” pumpkin carved by Grace Zhang, Shehreen Saleh, Stephanie Douglas, and Cyndee Bonacci – team members in CPL’s Suwanee, GA office. With details such as black and white flooring, wallpaper, a sheepskin run, chair with pillow, and a table with mirrored tray and candle, this treehouse pumpkin had all the necessary amenities.

Coming in third was the perfectly branded “CPL Logo” pumpkin, which was also carved by Levi Feely and Wade Franklin – both team members in CPL’s Olean, NY office.

Honorable mentions surely go out to the following fantastic entries:

“Albany Skyline” pumpkin carved by Ashley Hallenbeck, Carrie Ann Spitz, James Masula and Lauren Tarsio – members of CPL's Albany, NY office.

"Ghoulggenheim" pumpkin carved by Katie McGarry, Danielle Scesney, Nicole Sells and Robin Washco – members of CPL's Charlotte, NC office.

"AT&T Building" aka "Batman Building" pumpkin carved by Nidia Cruz, Kim Janiszewski and Roberto Rivas – members of CPL's Greensboro, NC office.

"Wizard of Oz" pumpkin carved by Lauren Beverly, Jennifer Turner, Josh Wheeler and Erica Perine – members of CPL's Greensboro, NC office.

"The Brick" pumpkin carved by Adam Bentham and John Healy – members of CPL's Jamestown, NY office.

"National Comedy Center" pumpkin carved by Jake Mountain and John Nickerson – members of CPL's Jamestown, NY office.

"The Colosseum" pumpkin carved by Andrew Hammond and Levi Feely – members of CPL's Olean, NY office.

"Hogwarts" pumpkin carved by Emilio de Leon, Christyn Giannavola and Erin Powers – members of CPL's Rochester, NY office.

"Shelter" pumpkin carved by Donat Booth, Stephanie Douglas, Helen Norman and Grace Zhang – members of CPL's Suwanee, GA office.

"Traffic Jam" pumpkin carved by Donat Booth, Mark Hanson, Lalsi Khup and Olivia Lobban – members of CPL's Suwanee, GA office.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL Welcomes Three New Hires in Charlotte]]> Contact: Michelle Draghi
CPL Marketing Team

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - Charlotte, NC - CPL, a full-service design firm that has served public and private-sector clients for more than 44 years, is pleased to welcome three new team members to its Charlotte office: Casey Lowe who joins the design team, Alisha Dawkins who joins the administrative team, and Hana Maleki who joins the architectural team.

As a member of the design team, Lowe will assist with construction documents, finishes and site visits for a variety of interior design projects. Prior to joining CPL as a full-time team member, she served as an interior design intern while earning her bachelor’s degree in interior design from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Lowe is an ambassador for the Claire Marie Foundation and resides in Charlotte, NC.

Dawkins joins CPL’s administrative team equipped to provide support in the form of office management, critical clerical work and scheduling office meetings or events. She has an associate degree in paralegal technology from South Piedmont Community College and resides in Matthews, NC.

In her new role, Maleki will assist with the design, planning, modeling and presentation of a variety of architectural projects. Prior to joining CPL, she served as a research assistant in the architecture school at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as well as an architectural designer at Tavon Architectural Group. Maleki has a Master of Architecture degree form UNC Charlotte and a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Iran University of Science and Technology. She resides in Charlotte, NC.

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 440+ person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 16 cities across 5 states. CPL specializes in the Healthcare, Transportation, Municipal and Academic sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, buildings and structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit www.CPLteam.comto learn more.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: Architecture-Engineering Firm, CPL, Expands to Pittsburgh, PA]]> Contact: Vince Press
Director of Marketing & Communications

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - Pittsburgh, PA - CPL, a full-service architecture, engineering and planning firm, has expanded its footprint to Pittsburgh, PA with the acquisition of Image Associates, Inc.

The new Pittsburgh office location brings CPL’s total staff level to 440 team members and represents the firm’s 16th office (first in Pennsylvania) including Albany, NY; Binghamton, NY; Buffalo, NY; Charlotte, NC; Hudson, NY; Jamestown, NY; Newburgh, NY; Olean, NY; Poughkeepsie, NY; Raleigh, NC; Greensboro, NC; Greenville, SC; Pittsburgh, PA; Rochester, NY; Suwanee, GA and Woodstock, GA. CPL’s design professionals currently serve the healthcare, higher education, K-12 education, corporate, municipal and transportation market sectors.

Image Associates’ Principals, Craig Allen, AIA and Thomas Teti, AIA, founded the practice in 1986 and grew it into a well-respected architectural design firm serving regional clients in the healthcare, corporate and commercial sectors.

Pictured left to right: Craig Allen and Thomas Teti

The two firms’ service offerings are complementary - both featuring award winning project portfolios. CPL and Image Associates have been industry leaders in their respective service sectors and will now combine forces to continue serving clients in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Image Associates’ clients will benefit from deepened discipline bench strength as well as expanded in-house design expertise including 3D / mixed reality design, interior design, MEP engineering, structural engineering, civil engineering, planning and landscape architecture. Image Associates and CPL also share several common clients making for a seamless transition in integrating ongoing project work. It is anticipated that several staff members will be added to the Pittsburgh location over the next year.

Some of CPL’s notable projects include the design of the new $260 million Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care tower addition for the Rochester Regional Health System (Rochester, NY); the $20 million UPMC Chautauqua Hospital Expansion (Jamestown, NY); a pharmacy renovation at UPMC Mercy Hospital (Pittsburgh, PA); A new $40 million atrium/main entrance for Erie County Medical Center (Buffalo, NY); the $57 million Seneca Park Zoo Expansion (Rochester, NY); and the new $50 million National Comedy Center (Jamestown, NY).

In western Pennsylvania, Image Associates' most prominent project experience encompasses work in virtually every sector of healthcare design. This includes hospital master planning and renovation, diagnostic imaging suites, emergency departments, pharmacies, behavioral health facilities, senior living facilities, adult daycare centers, outpatient care facilities, cancer treatment centers, and medical office buildings. Image has successfully completed state-of-the-art facilities spanning all facets of healthcare design – never forgetting their promise to clients to always listen and respond to every need.


CPL Chief Executive Officer, Todd Liebert, AIA, NCARB, said: “We are thrilled to expand our practice into Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh area to better serve our current clients as well as establish new relationships in that vibrant region. It is an important market and acquisition for us.”

Image Associates Principal, Craig Allen, AIA, said: “The things that attracted us to this acquisition were CPL’s commitment to excellence in healthcare design and their dedication to teamwork with their clients and employees. They have an amazing culture and outstanding reputation.”

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 440-person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 16 cities across five states. CPL specializes in the Healthcare, Transportation, Municipal and Academic sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL Welcomes New Principal in Suwanee, GA]]> Contact: Amanda Sanfilippo
CPL Marketing Team

Thursday, August 10, 2019 - Suwanee, GA - CPL is pleased to welcome its newest Principal, Warren Hutmacher, to its Suwanee, GA office. In his new role, Hutmacher will provide leadership to the municipal services discipline at CPL.

Coming from a leadership background in local government, Hutmacher will cater to CPL’s existing client base in Georgia as well as cultivate new relationships in the municipal market sector.

“My goal is to add a unique value to clients and help them solve problems using the experience I’ve gained over the last 20 years managing cities,” Hutmacher said.

Of these 20 years, he worked in local government management as a City Manager for the past 16 years. He is familiar with all aspects of municipal government and has worked for five communities in Metro Atlanta ranging in population from 2,600 citizens to a community of 85,000. Most recently he served the City of Dunwoody and the City of Johns Creek.

As the former City Manager for the Cities of Johns Creek, Dunwoody, Norcross and Avondale Estates, Warren is highly attuned to key community issues including traffic congestion, neighborhood preservation, economic development, revenue expansion and park development planning. Having served various municipalities throughout his career, he has an excellent understanding of how to work with community stakeholders to establish priorities and produce the best, most meaningful results.

Hutmacher says those results are mostly based on trust and friendly relationships.

“Having been on the client-side for so long, I know what clients are really looking for,” he said. “I can make them feel comfortable and translate between the architects, engineers, and the city, so that expectations for the project are clear for everyone involved. This knowledge is always attractive to the client.”

Hutmacher places a lot of value on developing long-term relationships with clients that extend beyond one project or one fee, which has helped him build a loyal client base throughout his career.

“When clients hand their work to us, they are expecting it to be exceptional. They need a partner they can trust to resolve their issues, and work in their favor,” he said.

This knowledge comes from his own experience working with CPL as a client for 13 years before he joined the team himself.

“My experience was that Kevin [McOmber, P.E.] was a partner we could trust and walk through the solutions with the City in a cooperative manner,” he said.

Hutmacher worked with CPL on Project Renaissance for the City of Dunwoody in Georgia. The project was a 24-acre redevelopment that included parks, playgrounds, and trails that integrated with single family homes, commercial retail, and future government facilities. The project ultimately won the Georgia Planning Association Project of the Year Award.

“Projects like this illustrate that cities do improve the life of the community,” he said.

Hutmacher holds a BA degree in political science from the University of Delaware (1995) and a master of public administration from The Ohio State University (1997). He was named one of “40 under 40 – Georgia’s Rising Stars” by Georgia Trend Magazine. He is also a member of the International City Managers Association (I.C.M.A.).

Hutmacher currently lives in Johns Creek, GA. He and his wife have two school-aged daughters and a Wheaton Terrier puppy, Fozzie. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, traveling and working on family genealogy.

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 440+ person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 16 cities across 5 states. CPL specializes in the Academic, Healthcare, Science + Technology, Transportation and Municipal sectors – providing architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, civil engineering, M/E/P and structural engineering, and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: CPL's Dan Duprey Talks Construction and Development Trends]]> CPL's President and COO, Dan Duprey, P.E., discusses Rochester's construction and development trends with ENR New York.

“The city of Rochester, particularly downtown, has experienced a renaissance over the past several years,” Duprey says. “Two positive trends in the Flower City have been private developer driven projects, including design-build delivery and the adaptive reuse and repurposing of buildings.” He says the Rochester Downtown Development Corp. is tracking nearly $746 million in current activity.

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<![CDATA[BULLETIN: Celebrating New Milestones at Dalton State College]]> Contact: Michelle Draghi
CPL Marketing Team

Thursday, September 26, 2010 - Woodstock, GA - Marking another milestone of growth at Dalton State College (DSC), the Wright School of Business officially opened its doors to a new, permanent home. Dr. Margaret H. Venable, President of Dalton State College, welcomed guests including members of the Georgia Board of Regents and the Lamar and Ann Wright family at the Grand Opening ceremony on September 5, 2019.

Led by CPL, the project called for an existing building on campus, affectionately known as Memorial Hall, to receive an addition and comprehensive renovation to provide state-of-the-art learning environments for students enrolled in the College’s 53-year-old business school.

Gignilliat “Memorial” Hall, a 1960’s era building, prior to the addition/renovation

Gignilliat “Memorial” Hall after the addition/renovation. Photo credit: JandDImages

“We are very excited to have all of the students in a single, central location, rather than situated at multiple locations throughout the campus,” said Dr. Marylin M. Helms, Dean of the Wright School of Business. “The new facility will foster enhanced collaboration and promote the sharing of ideas as our students take on today’s business challenges.”

Photo credit: JandDImages

Gignilliat “Memorial” Hall is located on the north side of the main campus entrance off College Drive and is immediately adjacent to the Westcott Administration Building. Serving as a place for students and the surrounding community to gather, learn and celebrate, the facility encompasses a “business hub” with a 100-seat, multi-purpose space for professional development classes and community networking events.

Photo credit: JandDImages

The journey to establishing a permanent home for the School of Business began in the 1960’s when Lamar Wright was among the first graduating class at DSC. Wright’s positive collegiate experience ultimately inspired him and his wife, Ann, to offer students a gift of opportunity in the form of a $5 million donation – a generous gift that served as the catalyst for this project.

“The Wright family’s donation was matched by the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents, bringing the total project budget to $10 million,” explained Tim Pulver, AIA, CPL’s design manager for the project.

Photo credit: JandDImages

Critical to the success of this project was the involvement of CPL architect, Danny Jones, AIA, who took an active role in giving the Wright School of Business a true identity on campus. Jones has led every CPL project on campus to date and was also an adjunct professor at DSC, teaching computer graphics, animation and visualization. For him, DSC is family.

“Getting the opportunity to design for Dalton State is definitely nostalgic for me,” said Jones. “Having taught there before, I know first-hand how impactful quality design can be for students and professors. It makes the architectural work we do for them that much more rewarding.”

Photo credit: JandDImages

The renovation of Gignilliat Hall provides reconfigured classrooms, technology upgrades, updated faculty offices, and sustainable building improvements such as new energy efficient windows and lighting. In addition, new accessibility features such as a chair lift, a new elevator and ADA-compliant door hardware have helped ready the Hall for the next 50 years of service.

Photo credit: JandDImages

Earlier in the year, CPL also designed an entrance drive and entry canopy at the Westcott Administration Building, home to the office of the President, business office, office of academic affairs and office of enrollment services. With the goal of updating the original 1960’s façade, CPL’s architects and civil engineers worked collaboratively with DSC to to deliver a new, welcoming campus entry as well as additional parking for visitors.

The success of these two high profile projects, along with CPL’s collaborative approach to serving DSC, has led to a total of 11 projects on campus to date, including a commission recently awarded to CPL for the renovation of the Bandy Student Recreation Center, which is scheduled for design this year and construction in 2020.

“Our working relationship with Dalton State continues to prosper and grow even stronger,” said K. Scott Gordon, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, CPL’s Principal-in-Charge of the project. “From day one when we began working on the retask of the school’s technical education building for their Health Professions program, to today as we celebrate the completion of the renovation of Gignilliat Hall and the Wright School of Business, it has been an exciting and rewarding adventure. As we continue our partnership with DSC, we look forward to celebrating even more future milestones that will carry Dalton State toward a century of quality, educational service.”

Photo credit: JandDImages

<![CDATA[BLOG: In the Spotlight - Dan Helfond]]> The Right Button

Dan Helfond is an Information Technology extraordinaire, saver of days, extinguisher of business fires, and CPL team member in the Rochester, NY office. Dan Helfond is also a husband, father, video game mogul, and much more. And, in the last year, Helfond is 100 pounds lighter.

The IT specialist has been with CPL since January of 2010 and has spent the last near-decade navigating all things computers.

“My day is almost never boring,” he said. Between 'HelpDesk' calls and tickets; setting up new team members in the system; fixing servers; software licenses; and generally keeping CPL’s electronic tools afloat, no two days are the same.

“My favorite part of my job is when something is broken or not working properly, and I am able to fix it!” he said. “The reward is making someone else’s life a little easier in an otherwise frustrating situation.”

Before CPL, he worked for Corning as an optic technician, where he made prisms. After the dip in the economy, he returned to school to secure an associate’s degree in information technology. Helfond said the switch was natural for him, because he has always been interested in computers and figuring out the latest technology.

“I have always had a knack for finding the right button to click,” he said, adding that he was the go-to guy for his friends and family whenever they had trouble with technology.

The Favorite Button

Helfond is divided in the Mac verses PC world: He loves the simplicity of his iPhone compared to the clunkiness of an Android, but switches when it comes to computers.

“I like the power a desktop can give you,” he said, adding the speed and efficiency of running both programs and gaming systems influence his preference. Helfond said he enjoys playing Elite Dangerous Horizons, Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic the Gathering.

Sometimes, Helfond needs a break from technology, so he adopted a more traditional and historical hobby: metal work. He said he has always been interested in forging, but never got the chance until recently, when he paired up with his cousin, who has his own equipment.

“It’s a great way to relieve stress,” he said, then declaring his first piece—a knife made out of a railroad spike—a bit “ugly”.

When he’s not tinkering between these two hobbies, he’s spending time with his two sons, or taking long drives with his wife for fun.

The Belly Button

Helfond has another milestone accomplishment to share: He has lost 100 pounds in the past year. At his heaviest, Helfond’s scale read 370 pounds, but thanks to gastric bypass surgery, patience, a very clean diet, and hard work, he currently weighs in at 263 pounds.

“There is a stigma that gastric bypass surgery is the easy way out,” he said. “But that’s not true at all. It’s a process to heal, relearn how to eat, and pay close attention to what you’re putting in your body.”

It’s not a pretty road, but it is an effective one. Helfond said after years of failed diets, it was time he tried a different approach. Plus, he supported his wife and two sisters-in-law when they had the very same surgery. He saw their successes and found the courage to do it himself.

“If I could just stop eating, I could do it,” he said about overcoming his eating addiction. “But obviously you can’t quit eating like you can quit smoking. ”Helfond quit smoking cold turkey after 13 years with the habit.

Helfond says he’s not shy about sharing his story. “It feels so good to lose this weight, that I want to tell everyone about it!” he said. “I highly recommend the surgery to someone who is overweight and has other health issues.”

Helfond’s goal weight hovers between 200 and 225 pounds—the weight he had before he and his wife had a family. In the meantime, he says he feels like a completely different person. He focuses his allowed calories mostly to protein, then to vegetables, and carbohydrates last. Although he says he misses ice cream, beer, and chocolate, Helfond is able to hold on to the occasional treat.

“I can still have bourbon!” he joked.

Helfond’s most recent body modification is his new tattoo that encompasses his two sons and his wife. This serves as a compliment to his three other tattoos, each with its own meaning relating to each of his family members.

“I have always liked the idea of tattoos; permanent marks you purposefully put on yourself,” he said. “The ink I have is all about family. I have one tattoo for my first-born son, from a gift for my first Father’s Day. I have a gryphon for my son, Griffin. And I have the Hebrew word for ‘love’ for my wife. Then I decided to wrap it up with a single piece to include all of them: a momma Fu Lion and her two cubs. Although, to be honest, it probably won’t be my last! It’s also slightly addicting!”

Ask anyone who has ever had a computer malfunction or a quick conversation with Helfond: We’ll keep him around for another few decades.

<![CDATA[BLOG: RRH Henrietta Medical Campus Receives LEED Gold Certification ]]> A leading provider of comprehensive care for Western New York and the Finger Lakes Region, Rochester Regional Health (RRH) is committed to helping patients redefine the odds by offering accessible healthcare that exceeds expectations. For residents of Henrietta, NY and its surrounding communities, that access has become even more convenient with the expanded services offered at the Henrietta Medical Campus.

Located on Middle Road, the 32,500 square-foot, multi-specialty facility provides residents with easy access to a wealth of services including: Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Digital Mammography, Gynecology, Joint Replacement, Laboratory and Pathology, Midwifery, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Primary Care, Sports Medicine, and Women’s Health.

“You shouldn’t have to go far to get the care you need,” remarked RRH President and CEO, Eric Bieber, MD. “People need excellent, integrated care close to home, no matter where they live in our region. That’s why Rochester Regional Health is here.”

In addition to having convenient, local access to these services, patients get to see their doctors in an innovative office setting that places greater emphasis on privacy, peacefulness and connectivity. Furthermore, primary care patients have the added benefit of being able to walk over to the imaging and lab suites as soon as their doctor orders a test.

CPL’s team of architects, M/E/P engineers and interior designers worked with RRH to design the interior fit-out of the medical building. Energy efficiency was at the forefront of design, with mechanical systems and lighting elements that feature technology to improve the building’s use of natural resources.

“Our design team utilized finishes that have low VOC, recycled content and regional materials,” explained Jennifer LaChance, AIA, LEED AP, BD+C, Project Manager at CPL. “The lighting design also included LED fixtures with vacancy sensors and daylight controls to reduce energy consumption.”

With exemplary credit given to the amount of renewable power purchase to the building, the project was ultimately awarded LEED 2009 Commercial Interiors Gold Certification.

CPL recognizes that LEED buildings not only compliment our environment, but also give people healthier places to live, work and play. The Henrietta Medical Campus is no exception as its sustainable design naturally promotes health, safety and comfort for patients, doctors, staff and visitors alike.

Learn more about how CPL's sustainable healthcare practices help patients and the planet.

<![CDATA[BUZZ: Excellence in Construction & Real Estate Winners Announced]]> Standouts in the region’s construction and real estate industries will be honored in October 2019 at the Rochester Business Journal and The Daily Record’s inaugural Excellence in Construction & Real Estate awards. The CPL team is proud to be honored this year and we are looking forward to the celebration event!

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<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL Welcomes New Hire in Suwanee]]> Contact: Michelle Draghi
CPL Marketing Team

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 - Suwanee, GA - CPL, a full-service design firm that has served public and private-sector clients for more than 44 years, is pleased to welcome J. Clark Kennedy, P.E., PTOE to its civil engineering team in Suwanee.

In his new role, Kennedy will be responsible for the development and design of transportation improvement projects. Prior to joining CPL, he worked at Volkert, Inc. for seven years where he gained extensive experience in geometric design, traffic signal design, traffic analysis and modeling, ITS design and project management. He specializes in horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, superelevation and intersection design.

Kennedy has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Auburn University and holds licensure in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Outside the office, he serves on the Design Review Board for Chamblee and resides in Chamblee, GA.

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 430+ person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 15 cities across 4 states. CPL specializes in the Academic, Healthcare, Science + Technology, Transportation and Municipal sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, M/E/P and structural engineering, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.

<![CDATA[BULLETIN: CPL Welcomes New Hire in Raleigh]]> Contact: Michelle Draghi
CPL Marketing Team

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - Raleigh, NC - CPL, a full-service design firm that has served public and private-sector clients for more than 44 years, is pleased to welcome Allison Wagner to its civil engineering team in Raleigh.

In her new role, Wager will work with the civil engineering team on a variety of transportation engineering projects including feasibility studies and design work for the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

Wagner has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from North Carolina State University and resides in Raleigh, NC.

About CPL
Founded in 1975, CPL is a 430+ person multi-disciplined architecture, engineering and planning firm offering inspiring design services and enriching communities in 15 cities across 4 states. CPL specializes in the Academic, Healthcare, Science + Technology, Transportation and Municipal sectors – providing architectural, interior design, civil engineering, M/E/P and structural engineering, landscape architecture and 3D/virtual design services to a host of public and private clients. Visit to learn more.